Video surveillance systems are not considered the most common protection system in vain. Even the presence of cameras in places prevents the endeavors of robbery in many cases. Video surveillance plays an effective role in determining the participants of the event, ensuring public security and surveillance. CCTV consists of minimum one video camera and one observing monitor. To record the happenings, DVR (digital video recorder) may be utilized. Only the people, who directly join, are entitled to observe the video scenes. Despite of CCTV systems, cameras are connected to IP network, it means to internet in IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) system. And it allows the observation of place, from all over the world, using any standard browser by internet.

Surveillance information can be easily saved by using the DVR. Our company presents video surveillance equipments and common solutions in this topic in a wide range. Fixation is adjusted to observe a certain defined place.

· PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) – allows more common and perfect monitoring from the management center of the territory and facilities interesting for operator by drawing closer (zoom), by moving away and by twirling to different angles.
· Dome
· Vandal roof
· Bullet
· Classic